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Two Wolves

Two Woolves


Sunday visit to Shrungagiri Sri Shanmukha Temple

This Sunday morning,I decided to give a visit to Shrungagiri Sri Shanmukha Temple,famous Murugan temple in Bangalore.I have been thinking to visit this temple for a week or two,but this weekend it finally happened.The temple is located in Rajarajeswari Nagar,Bangalore.which is around 13.kilometers from my place.I started at 7 in morning and reached there by 7.30 AM.

The Temple is located on a hilltop like all other Murugan temple found in south India.When i reached there temple was almost empty except a family and a young guy.I started off from Vinayaga temple down the and then started climbing towards the main temple.Main temple is  hexagonal shaped resembling a star.Inside the temple we have main shrine of Murugan and around the walls we see a lot of Vinayaga idols collected by Dr.Arunchalam,there is a lot of them.On top of the walls we can see some paintings of some famous Murugan temples in South India.I spend some time looking at those idols and paintings.After my prayers when was about to return abhishekam started so i stayed back for that and then i started descending down.Finally i visited the ‘Amman’ temple which is build adjacent to the temple.It was not open at that time,i checked and found that it opens only after 10:00 am.So i started back to my room at 9:30 AM and on the way clicked some nice pictures of clay mold figurines.

Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi [Review]

I would say this movie as ”Ride of a Lifetime“.That is the feeling that i got after watching this movie 2 times.1st time I watched it an ordinary theatre where majority of the viewers were young bllodds from Kerala.2nd time I watched it from INOX Multiplex,Central,J.P Nagar.Watching this movie at these two conditions made me enjoy this movie to the core.In first case the audience was cheering up for everything and so i missed most of the dialogues.In latter show I enjoyed this movie more as audience was little less in number and sound effects were too good.In my opinion this movie can be enjoyed most when you are in a silent surroundings.

PosterNow this movie is all about two friends who rides up on their bullet from Kerala to Nagaland,the far eastern state of India.In between director Samir Thahir tells the whole past of protaganist Kasim played by Dulquer Salman.The movie has all the basic elements like Love,Politics,Friendship and Family relations.Dulquer has always been the highlight of this movie but Sunny Wayn,Surja Bala, Dhritiman Chatterjee, Ena Saha also deserves an applause.The plus points of this movie is the visual treat,good script and minimalistic dialogue.The cons of this movie is that the climax was too softy and there was no great quotes by protagonist as i expected.

Overall i will give this movie 8/10.A must watch for all the souls which seeks travelling.The message from this movie is always been the message told by the protagonist ‘My Fate My Decision‘.

Swades : We The People

This movie that has inspired me a lot. Swades-We the People released in 2004 is one of my favorite movies in Bollywood. The story,screenplay,direction and music of this movie is superb.SRK’s acting  is noticeable.Music is by all time great A.R Rahman. The songs and background music is very good.The sad thing is that i have got song of this movie,but have been searching for BGM of this for a long time,still has got any thing except theme music.

Bracelets for Men

Yesterday when i went with my friends for outing.Suddenly i stopped near by shop when i saw some black beads hanging there.I checked and found that this was the bracelet i was searching for a long time.So decided to buy that one.Then there comes a dialogue from my friend ‘Are you going to be saint”..??I was excited to hear that and was thinking why not.So bought the bracelet for Rs.30,which is a cheap deal.This bracelet gives a different kind of attitude to me as my friend said.Now a days i have seen more guys wearing a lot of bracelets like his one and those elastic one.I am posting a picture of that bracelet as on my hand.