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Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi [Review]

I would say this movie as ”Ride of a Lifetime“.That is the feeling that i got after watching this movie 2 times.1st time I watched it an ordinary theatre where majority of the viewers were young bllodds from Kerala.2nd time I watched it from INOX Multiplex,Central,J.P Nagar.Watching this movie at these two conditions made me enjoy this movie to the core.In first case the audience was cheering up for everything and so i missed most of the dialogues.In latter show I enjoyed this movie more as audience was little less in number and sound effects were too good.In my opinion this movie can be enjoyed most when you are in a silent surroundings.

PosterNow this movie is all about two friends who rides up on their bullet from Kerala to Nagaland,the far eastern state of India.In between director Samir Thahir tells the whole past of protaganist Kasim played by Dulquer Salman.The movie has all the basic elements like Love,Politics,Friendship and Family relations.Dulquer has always been the highlight of this movie but Sunny Wayn,Surja Bala, Dhritiman Chatterjee, Ena Saha also deserves an applause.The plus points of this movie is the visual treat,good script and minimalistic dialogue.The cons of this movie is that the climax was too softy and there was no great quotes by protagonist as i expected.

Overall i will give this movie 8/10.A must watch for all the souls which seeks travelling.The message from this movie is always been the message told by the protagonist ‘My Fate My Decision‘.