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Manjadikuru – Lucky Red Seeds Review

Manjadikuru is a Malayalam movie released in 2012.The movie is written and directed by Anjali Menon. It is a story of homecoming from late 1970s, when 10-year-old Vicky arrives at his grandparents home in rural Kerala to attend his grandfather’s funeral. The disjointed family gathers together for the sixteen day long funeral period. During this period, Vicky discovers more about himself, his family and culture than he had expected to. The journey is narrated through the memories of an adult Vicky who returns to the same house to recount the experience. After some years the boy returns as a young man (Prithviraj), to visit old grounds, and finds the ‘Lucky red seeds’ scattered away.


As i don’t have enough time to explain the plot of this film.I copied it from Wikipedia.Now I am gonna tell you my view about this film.First of all this is not like ordinary commercial movie.The story told here happens in 1970’s so don’t expect modernism and funky music.This movie took me way back into my childhood days.It was totally a different world at that time.There was no modernism,political and economic crisis as of now in India .As per me at that time every one used to enjoy their life.No one used to think about globalization and cosmopolitan life styles as what exist now.This is the sole reason why i decided to write a post about this movie.I want my childhood days back where i used to stay in a joint family and I used to play with kids in paddy fields that used to lush green during summer time also.During monsoon we also used to go to near by pond to catch some small fishes and after that we will put them in small Horlicks/Boost bottles.These things are also portrayed in this movie by writer.After watching all these all i wished was to get my childhood days back.


What has happened so far in 2013

I really did had a slight hope that world will end in 2012.But it didn’t happen 😦

So here comes 2013.Year started I had so many resolutions piled up to this yer.But as usual nothing really worked out.As every other man 1st priority was becoming fit as i have been gaining weight since i started working.Once i started working,i haven’t played or did exercises.Now all i do is stare at dual monitors,typing and clicking mouse buttons.I too have become like a typical IT employee who spends around 9 Hrs in office.Some many things were bugging my head especially the future of my career and the job.I was getting really tensed with the office i started looking for a change in job,and in Feb 1st week it happened.I got job in a new firm – NTT Data as Technical executive.Now i was happy to put down my resignation nd start serving the notice period.My team mates were sad to hear all these.That 2 months of notice period went away really fast.

In the mean time I lost interested in reading.Almost forgot that it was my 2nd priority resolution this year.If things are going like this,i will living like a life with no interested.Anyways that quest for knowledge was satisfied by reading blogs and tweets from some of my fav tweeps. Started watching so many movie genres and television series.Remarkably got addicted to Dexter.Stopped blogging but continued micro blogging with interest.In between read some books that too read some starting pages. Didn’t bought any new gadgets as i was almost satisfied with what i have.So basically what i did was met so many new person in new firm,read something, listened to some new songs,watched some movies  and series and what i want now is good thoughts and be left alone in my life  🙂

Vande Mukunda Hare

One of the most inspirational lyrics i like.

Vande mukunda hare jaya shaure santhapa
Hari murare
Dwapara chandrika charchithamam
ninte dwaraka puri evide
Peeli thulakkavum kola kuzhal pattum
Ambadi paikalum evide

Kroora vishada sharam kondu neerumee
nenjilen aathma pranamam
Prema swaroopanaam sneha satheerthyante
kaalkalen kanneer pranamam
Prema swaroopanam
sneha satheerthyante
kaalkalen kanneer pranamam