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Kerala tourism Advertisement

This is one f the best tourism advertisement released by Kerala Government.

The concept of the ad

Stark Communication is the creative agency for Kerala Tourism, while Prakash Varma of Nirvana Films is the director of the film. Speaking on the campaign, Varma explained, “The campaign is based on the concept that Stark Communication came up after their extensive research. Many travelers to Kerala feel that they have experienced moments while exploring the state, which cannot be explained. These experiences – be it in the silence, amid nature or the spiritual part of it – could not be put to words, yet they were very powerful. Hence, it was a difficult task for me to structure the film as it’s not about houseboats or backwaters. There was a rawness that we wanted to capture and not just some good looking visuals.”

As Varma further explained, the film’s music had to be different and something that would compliment the mood of the film. The music has been composed by London-based band One Giant Leap and sung by Senegalese singer Baaba Maal. “There are no lyrics and its pure music that sounds different and completely complements the magical and surreal theme of the ad.” The ad features an international model. These are also facts that have not gone down well with some. The ad, they said, was similar in its look, feel, sound, and even some shots, to that of the Mexico Tourism ad.

Check it out and tell me how it is.