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Murudeshwar-Gokarn Travel Journal

Last week as usual i had 3 week days off.I was thinking of doing something to kill these 3 days of holidays.In the mean time i got call from one my friend,Yathi who was asking me a hand to help him move his apartments.The very next day i.e Tuesday 10th July he shifted to his new room.I told him about my 3 days weekly off,suddenly this whole scene of trip came to our mind.We already had planned this 2 weeks before,but was not sure when we can execute this plan.

The good thing about this trip was that things were not planned.We two guys simply packed our bag and started travelling.Our main aim was to see that giant statue of Lord Shiva in Murudeshwar,Karnataka.We got some info about the route and other things from a little Google search.We started from here by 6:00 PM,Wednesday and went directly to Bangalore Central railway station,from where we boarded train to Mangalore.As it was a like a pilgrimage and lack of planning we had to travel in general compartment in my opinion is much better than travelling in those AC Class.We reached Mangalore at 8:00 AM and there we meet one Mr. Shyam who was an acquaintance to my friend.He was working in Mangalore railways as a parcel officer.We told him about our plans and  he told that after 2 hours there is a train from Mangalore which takes us directly to Murudeshwar.As we got this piece of information,we cancelled our plan of going by Bus.We took breakfast and waited in relaxation room for 2 hours.

As expected train came at around 1 PM and we took general compartment ticket for this.We thought of converting it to sleeper class during the journey,but it didn’t happened as TT didn’t came checking for tickets till we reached Murudeshwar.In the mean time we started our photography session in train.Everything was going good as planned and all of suddenly our camera’s lens were stuck in projected mode and were not able to take any more picture.i felt so sad as this happened in between the journey and finally we arrived at Murudeshwar at around 5 PM.Climate was so good at that time and i started taking pictures in my 2 megapixel camera phone.

The pic above was taken as soon as we reached Murudeshwar station.After reaching Murudeshwar we took an auto from there to the temple.There we took a room in RNS lodge,facing the beach.RNS stands for RN Shetty who has transformed everything in Murudeshwar by renovating the temple and surrounding places.The room was affordable as it was monsoon season.I think during October-March ,rates will go up as most devotees visit Murudeshwar at that time.Soon after we went for Temple and saw some great architectural brilliance.New Temple in Murudeshwar is 18 floored and we went to the top of that.View from there was nothing but brilliant.

Then we went to see that big statue of Lord Shiva.After that we went to Murudeshwar beach which is at a walkable distance from temple.Then we returned to our room after having some dinner and shopping.

From room we decided to visit Gokarn next day.Through mobile we searched the distance and all these informations. We also took help from some of localities. Next day morning we again went to the temple and started to Gokarna soon after breakfast at around 8 AM.To Gokarn we can travel by both train and bus.but we took a bus from Murudeshwar,Gokarn is a small town in North Karnataka which is located at around 70 Kms from Murudeshwar. We had to board 2 buses to reach Gokarna.we reached Gokarna,at around 11 AM.We soon started to temple as we heard from localite that temple closes at around 12.30 PM.We went to Gokarn temple and from there we directly went to ‘Bhojanaalayam” where they offered lunch.The lunch was really awesome and our stomach was almost full after the meal.Then we went to Gokarn beach which is situated near by the temple.From there also we did some shopping from there we got to know about Om beach,which is about 8 Kms from there and the specialty of this beach is that it looks like Om symbol.We took an auto,and that autowaala guided us all the way through the end of day.We reached Om beach and spend 2 hour simply by watching the beautiful sea.

Afer that this autowaala took us to a Sri Rama temple.Near to that temple there were some fresh waterfall where we took a bath and after that we went to that temple which was situated next to sea.From there i took a look at the sea,i felt like i am in a ‘Paradise’.I sat there simply for some time looking at the unending sea and clouds.

After sometime it started raining and then we decided to move from there and we directly went to a small tea shop from where we had enough food.After that we soon went to book our return tickets to Bangalore and that was the end of our long 3 days journey in quest of Lord Shiva and some history.