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How to calculate Megapixel of your camera.?

How to calculate Megapixel of your camera..???


Working On Mac Dreams

Ever since i have started using desktops.i have been dreaming about owning a Mac.But what can i do,Now also i can’t afford it.So it is stillĀ  there in my bucket list.I admire Mac for it’s eye candy effects and for the video/audio editing support.Like everyone who can’t afford Mac,I also have tried to install Mac OS on P.C. only to find out my hardware is not supported by that OS.So the only way of getting that Mac feeling is to customize your Windows/Linux OS by some Mac themes.

In Windows I have tried so many customization,but it doesn’t give that perfect eye candy features unless you install Mac theme packs.I have tried it two time and every time i did this i found my system very slow and it will eventually crash.Then i tried using these theme files which can installed by tweaking some system files.This method will not provide even good looks what native Windows 7 theme provide.So i left that also.

Moving to Linux,First i tried this Mac customization of Ubuntu 9.10,It was uber1 cool,installed Mac4lin v 1.0 on that and installed some ion packs which gave me enough satisfaction.Like Windows Linux didn’t crashed even there was not much difference in performance.As time moved by I moved back to Windows 7 as it was a huge hit and is one of the stable version of Windows i have ever seen.Now as i have started working on Linux/Unix platform i migrated again from Windows to Linux.This time i have CentOS 6.2 instead of Ubuntu.Today again that Mac dream aroused in mind,so decided to do that customization.

Soon google d it and found that Mac4LinĀ  is still the most used theme pack used.So installed that same version 1.0.After that I came to know that this theme is developed by a Bangalore guys Anirudh Acharya aka “Infra_red-dude” He has developed it in 2009,but has not update since that.But it still stands good compared to other theme packs.Hats off to that guy who has helped me achieve Mac look on my CentOS Linux.

After all customization,now my desktop looks like this