Monthly Archives: February 2012

Need for Twitter Client For Linux

From last 2 weeks i have been searching in web for a good Twitter client for my CentOS.I tried asking many of my friends and they had so many options.First i tried those one by one,but no use nothing works well.Then i started googling.Here also i failed as i was not able to find anything working on my CentOS 6.2.I have tried mitter,Twitux and gTwitter.None of then worked for me.Atlast i started searching for browser add-on.Firefox has nothing.For Chrome we have Hotot and SilverBird.I tried Silverbird as i have been using it for past 6 months in Windows.In Windows Silverbird looks cool,but when it comes to linux it is somewhat dull and after seeing that interface i didn’t wanted to tweet.Then i was thinking why this Twitter can’t offer a client that works well on Linux.For all other platforms they have made applications.More over there are lots of third party application for all other platforms.Why linux was missed out.That is my big question..!!!


Which REALLY came first, the chicken or the egg?

Though chickens have been around for thousands of years, dinosaurs were laying eggs millions of years prior. So technically, eggs were around well before chickens.


Enthusiasm Towards Unix/Linux

Actually I don’t remember when i got interested in Linux and this FSF(free software foundation),but it has been there since i started using linux OS.I was using Ubuntu till now,which resembles more kinda of Windows only.Then came Windows 7,after this i shifted back to windows for program accessiblity.Now after joining my current job i understood the power of Unix & Linux.I work for a big client whose presence is there all arund the world.The IT infrastructure they are having is unthinkable for a person like me.They have thousands of huge servers and so many data centers around the world.The main think is that all these servers run on Unix/Solaris/Linux.That too on different processor architectures.I didn’t knew that Linux/Unix support these much hardware.The other thing is that the security and  load it handles.In those server i have seen so many automated job running simultaneously and their uptime is almost like 24x7x365.What a machine.I always wanted to work on these machines.

This made me  to get a  career  handling these great computing machines.So decided to study RHCE (Redhat Certified Engineer) and take up certification.I joined  for training last month and has now completed 2 modules.Now i am very much enthusiastic towards Linux.Now i have to complete 1 more module before taking up 2 exams of certification.

Linux Tryouts

Last week i was trying out installation of linux flavours.First I downloaded Fedora 16 DVD and installed it.Used it for 1 day.Had tot weak a lot of settings in it and finally when i started to enjoy Fedora.There come issue of some gnome-keyring i.e whenever i connect to my Wi-Fi netork it asks for password.I gave it and it is not getting saved.everytime i connect it ask for password.I googled for remedy in Fedora forums and some other linux forums,but didnt got any solutions.So deciede to dump Fedora.Then i decieded to go CentOS as my friend has already downloaded version 5.7 Live CD.So i decided to install that.

Again it was not happening as Live CD of CentOS doesnt contain installation files.OMG What is happening.??Then decided to downlaod full DVD version of CentOS 6.2.Checked in homepage suddenly got stunned as i saw download size of 5 GB for 32 bit edition  (2 DVD’s).Atlast downladed it and burned it into 2 DVD’s and Installed that.First i thought i will try minimal server version.after installtion i came to know that it supports onlt  text mode,no GUI.Then re-instaled again Desktop version featuring Gnome and it looks same as RHEL 6.2 version.Finally it happened.I installed a linux flavour in my laptop.but the saddest thing is that this whole tryout and installton took a week.!!! 😦


Smartphone In Mind.

I have been thinking of taking an Android smart phone from past 2 months.but till now i am not settled with the make and model.But  have a model in mind.Main thing is that i don’t wanna spend too much for a smartphone like SGSII, HTC  Sensation XE rather i would go for a phone which is portable.I have seen guys holding out touch screen phone like brick.I don’t want that and also it should fit  in my jean’s pocket.I more need is good music performance as i will using it mainly for using listening to songs.Screen size must not be greater than 3.2″ with good resolution.

Finally i have found a model which does hold all this features.Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray ST-18i.I am not worried about music when i buy SE phones as i know from my past experiences nothing can beat it.Screen size is good and most important thing is that it doesn’t look like a brick.It looks like a smartphone. 🙂