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Creative EP-630

I have just ordered a new Earphones from make is Creative EP-630.I have waited much for this earphones as i haven’t seen this model available in most of sites.I have done enough of research on Earphones less than Rs.1000 and everywhere i saw this model as winner.So decided to go for it.I will be getting it in 4-5 days.Will be posting the review after using it..!!!


WikiLeaks V/S Facebook

WikiLeaks V/S Facebook

Desktop November 2011

Hi Amigos

Hi All,

This is Sishad.I am back into the blogging after a long time.I decided to stop blogging as my old blog gave me some headache over SPAM issue.So thought of deleting that.but i thought why should i do that.I have spend a lot of time and energy for that site. So better it remains there itself with all my old post.I am trying to get all that post moved to this wordpress blog which offers me a free SPAMless blogging.